4 Basic Tips To Detailing The Interior Of Your Car

Detailing a vehicle takes time and effort and something that goes well beyond a normal vacuum cleaning and car wash. Detailing means that even the smallest details in the car are looked at and taken care of it to make it look presentable and show-worthy. Given below are some steps you can take to detail the interiors of a car.

Remove any floor mats or materials

Detailing of a car usually starts from the interior and then moves on the exterior so that it does not mess up the exterior while doing the interior. There are no specific cars or vehicles that require detailing so any car from a typical sedan to an armored land cruiser can be detailed if that is preferable. Firstly, the floor mats need to be removed so that the floor, seating upholstery, trunk and so on can be thoroughly vacuumed. You can clean the stains by using a foam cleanser and rubbing it with a cloth. Remember not to leave much dampness inside the car by the end of it as this could eventually lead to molding or mildew.

Repairing damage inside

When it comes to carpet holes, permanent stains, or small burns, you can cut out the damaged spot and replace it with a piece of same material cut out from a hidden place from example; under the seat. Even if the car you are detailing is a bulletproof car, with long term usage, it is likely to have damages to the interior of the car. Regardless, it is best to speak with the owner before you go ahead with taking action for repairing certain damages as some of it might also take up extra costs.

Using brushes and air compressors

There are many detailing tools that can be used for the purpose, using compressed air and specific detailing brushes will help remove the accumulated dust from tiny crevices and doors. And all purpose cleaner can be used to wipe surfaces. The air vents and its grilles are some of the most difficult areas to clean however, using detailing brushes and microfiber cloths with some vinyl spray on, these vents can be made to look shiny as brand new. The glasses can be wiped towards the end of the cleaning using sprays and microfiber cloth.


The seats can be cleaned or shampooed and is one of the key areas of the detailing process that makes the car look great. Note that different car seats made of different materials will require various individual techniques to be cleaned out.