A Special Gift For A Special Man; Gift Ideas For Fathers

Gone are the days when fathers were aloof and kept themselves away from the family and children. Gone are the days when rigidness and coldness was counted as a requirement for respect. Now-a-days, fathers are very much involved in their children’s’ lives. They are their super hero, counsellor and best friend—all rolled up in one. Fathers are the safety nets in your life; whether you want them to be or not. Unfortunately, given how special they are to you, gift hunting for your father can be quite a task. While we are sure they’ll appreciate anything that you gift them; we are also sure that you are looking for something that he will really enjoy. Here are a few of our gift suggestions and ideas.

A branded giftIf you want simply the best for your dad, then consider getting something branded. Branded shoes, pens and watches (Hubolt watches are one of our personal favorites) are all good ideas. Remember to consider what they do for a living (especially if you’re planning on buying shoes—long hours and uncomfortable shoes aren’t really an ideal pairing), their preferred style of dressing, and even if they have a particular brand they favor before you make your final decision.

The electronic giftThey say boys will be boys all their life; and when it comes to electronics, it’s rather true. If your dad is not the branded shoes or Breitling watches type, then this might appeal to him better. If he’s a techy kind of dad, then it’s possible that he already has an iPad and/or a smart phone. In this case, consider getting him a smart watch, something that can monitor his daily fitness (like a fitness tracker) or even a multi device Bluetooth keyboard. The last one, in particular, is perfect for a person who’s not that familiar with modern technology.

A day spent with his interests in mindAlmost every parent we know love the time they get to spend with their children—especially if the children are all grown up and living away from home. Spend a day with him; just the two of you. If you can spend it doing something he likes specifically, then we are sure it’ll be a hit. Does he like a particular sport? Try to find tickets for a live event of it, and spend the day together. Does he like fishing or even hunting? Take a weekend off for a father-child holiday. If he’s like most men, he might not admit that he likes being pampered; but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy the attention.