An Introduction To Cosmetic Dentistry

The demand for cosmetic dentistry has become more and more over the years with the advances in technology. Many people turn to cosmetic surgery not only to fix major dental disfigurations, but also to enhance their smile. In its earliest forms most of the appliances used to correct deformities in teeth were strikingly visible and generally uncomfortable to wear. Also, except in the case of injury, most of these procedures also required the patient to be less than 20 years of age. For an instance, braces were not worn by older people when it was first introduced. Latest technology has been able to overcome most of these problems by providing invisible structures and procedures to treat older citizens.

Teeth whitening and shaping

These are very simple procedures that do not take time. Tooth whitening is where the teeth are mechanically scraped by a medical device and smoothened. Used on discoloured teeth and also after some processes like removing braces. Tooth shaping can be done to align irregular and broken teeth. Sometimes these are used to improve your bite.

An alternative to both the above is to use veneers Motor City. These are extremely thin structures that are placed on the teeth to improve your smile, shape of the teeth, remove gaps and to give brighter and whiter teeth. One drawback of this is that if they are not properly cared for they will change their appearance and will appear unnatural.

Pallets and braces

Both of these are age old metallic appliances used to permanently fix crooked teeth and remove gaps between teeth. The use of the pallets has been replaces by braces in most cases, although its use is not obsolete. The biggest drawback of these is that they are extremely visible and they fit uncomfortably in your mouth. The pallet is removable, but braces are permanently attached to the teeth. This creates trouble when eating.

Invisalign in Dubai technology is the latest technology that is used to replace braces. These are clear aligners that can be removed when eating. The aligners will be replaced at appropriate time intervals.

Dental crowns and caps

A crown is permanently fixed to the gums and functions similar to a natural tooth. It must be cared for in a similar manner too. A cap on the other hand is a structure that is attached to an already existing broken or misaligned tooth to improve its appearance.

Dentistry is an ever evolving field and it is also one of the oldest professions in the world. If you are hesitant to fix your smile, because you think it will involve ugly appliances that will temporarily ruin your smile, think again. There are numerous choices especially designed for people who need to regularly make public appearances.