Being Involved In Business Without Doing Business

Not everyone likes doing business; that is not to say, however, that they dislike business itself. There is a group of people in the world for whom business transactions are abhorrent, yet they have good insight into how a business should be. Or they have connections and knowledge about how to start a business. If you are one of those people who love the business world but do not want to be engaged in doing business itself, these career paths are for you:
Be a Business Consultant
Everyone needs professional advice in company formation, but few get it without having to pay horrendous fees. If you have years of experience and business acumen and are looking to get out of direct business, then consultancies will be a good retirement package for you. Business consultancy involves studying business proposals, examining current business trends and predicting outcomes and giving recommendations. While it does not involve actually engaging in business, it does require being in touch with the business world and remaining aware of current trends therefore it is the perfect job for someone who wants their distance from business but wants to remain involved.
Be a Business License Provider
If you have a good understanding of the process of obtaining business licenses like a freezone license, or you have an eye for meticulous paper work, then you can join a license service provider. These are services or companies that will prepare all the necessary paper work for the application and obtaining of any licenses regarding businesses. Many people use these services because registering a business and obtaining the necessary licenses is a long and drawn out process that requires time and effort. These companies have trained individuals who will obtain the licenses for the clients for a fee. If you like filling out forms and understand what goes on behind the scenes in businesses, this is your calling.
Be an Event Planner
This may sound like a strange choice but there are certain event planners/event planning companies that specialize in business events like cocktail parties, social mixers, business dinners and charity events. This job combines the fun of throwing a party with the seriousness of knowing a business because unlike normal social events, business events have to be carefully vetted to ensure that nothing goes out of hand. For instance, the guest list for a cocktail mixer have to be precise to the point of drawing links between the guests and ensuring that there are enough strangers to keep to the point of the gathering but enough familiar faces to ensure a smooth evening.