Choosing The Right Name For Your Business

This can be as tricky as starting up the business in the first place. Once you have the ideas in order, finances to start a business, it is time to setting up a business in Dubai. A part of the company registration is picking a name for the company. Here are a few pointers in order to help you find the perfect name for your business.
Dos and Don’ts
There are a few ground rules in place for individuals when picking their company name. The basic of which is that you cannot use the name of another registered company. They cannot be similar to an existing name or be too alike as a matter of fact. During your business setup make sure to pick a unique name which does not coincide with other companies.
The only instance in which you can use a similar name is if you are a part of that same group and has obtained prior permission from them to use it. If you are of the same conglomerate, then it is an advantage to use a similar name especially in offshore company formation Dubai as the brand image carries weight.
The name you pick also cannot contain any ‘sensitive’ words which might provoke negative behavior. Special permission may be obtained in certain instances, but when setting up a business, it is best to steer clear of such names as they may cause trouble later on in the life of the company. Also no offensive terms may be used in the name.
Your company name can also not have any form of reference to a government institution or local authorities. It cannot suggest a connection between yourself and these regulatory bodies as it may misleading to the public.
Having a Business Name
You would have seen many products on the market with various names, however, they all belong to the same parent company? A name which is not your registered name but is used for trading purposes is known as a business name. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks when dealing with a business name however, these trademarks need to be registered as a trade mark before you can start dealing with them. It is also advised to first register before using in order to stop possible copycat companies from using the same trade mark in the future. Similar to choosing your registered name, it is essential to not have any offensive material, have no reference to an existing company or regulatory body. Also, unlike a registered name, a business name is not required to include Ltd, plc or LLP within its name, thus make it ideal for customers to remember and for branding purposes.