Differences Of Fake Eyelashes And Extensions

There are two popular methods of making your natural eyelashes look longer and alluring. You can either apply false eyelashes or go for extensions. While these two have the same purpose of transforming your eyes, they have several differences when it comes to appearance, how they feel on your eyes, application etc.
You will be given an adhesive when you purchase false eyelashes. They also come with a glue strip which is already applied to the lashes. You have to put a few drops of glue on the lashes to apply it on the lash line. However, eyelashes extension in Abu Dhabi needs the assistance of a professional at a salon. Here, the lashes will be applied individually to each natural eyelash. This can be quite a time consuming task and may take up to about two hours. Extensions are considerably more expensive than fake eyelashes because of the professional treatment. The fake lashes depending on the quality can only be used a few times and they have to be changed regularly before sleeping.
The cost of the eyelash extensions covers a range of aspects. The best lash extension glue will ensure that the extensions last up to a very long time. The time period will be about 4 to 6 weeks if you’re refilling. False eyelashes as explained above don’t stay on for long. Then the materials for extensions are also of higher quality than fake eyelashes. But in the long run, extensions may be a more affordable solution when you add up all the expense of fake eyelashes within a year.
Wearing of fake eyelashes will take some getting used to whether they are strip lashes or extensions. However, a strip lash may be a bit more irritating on your eye due to the weight. Eyelash extensions are similar to our natural lashes and will have similar appearance and weight. When making a choice between the two options, it’s better to think which will suit your lifestyle better.
Fake eyelashes, which are a temporary way of achieving voluminous lashes don’t require much maintenance. Reusing them might need some maintenance as you need to store them properly to get the maximum use out of them. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions need more maintenance due to the fact you’re using them for a longer time. This will mean getting used to some habits such as staying away from cleansers and beauty products that contain oil, and also mascara and eye makeup that may damage them. There is protective coating specially designed to seal your lashes in order to maintain a healthy shine. You will also need to visit the salon every two to three weeks to make sure the lashes are maintained properly.