DIY Interior Design Tips

We all have the dream of being able to keep our house looking beautiful inside and out. But sometimes our efforts go in vain and we end up with a weird mix of circus and Edwardian interior décor. Usually getting the help of a professional is much easier since you just have to do what they ask, but the cost of hiring one and then trying to coordinate a time possible for both of you will be much more of a hassle. So give your inner interior designer a little push and start getting the décor for your house done soon.

The efforts of the painters

According to professionals who have been in the business for years and are usually in charge of decorating homes for rent and other real estate for sale, you need a color palette first. Artists usually have the base look that they want presented in colored media. So if you are skillful with Photoshop or just basic drawing, then get cracking on drawing out the possible designs for your house.

Browse online and magazines to find your muse from the beautiful pictures of place for rent in Dubai, and add and take out things that you like and do not like in your house. Do a basic scheme for the whole house and then think of how you can change it up to fit the whole house.

Thinking between furniture and the walls

Usually getting your color palette for the rooms chosen is the base step. You should be able to mix and match colors for the walls, floor, furniture and appliances and other items. You will have to think of any refurbishments to be done for the furniture, walls and ceilings and such as well.  Usually having a base color that is either a light shade or a dark shade and then picking either warm or cool colors are the basic rules. When you have light colored walls, it is easier for you to regularly change the colours of your furniture and other small items that go as décor. If you have dark colors on the walls then you must have more than plenty of natural and artificial lighting to make up for the ambience.

If you have no plans of changing the colors for the floor and the appliances for studio unit for lease in Dubai, then you will have to make sure that your new walls and décor does not clash with the existing and unchanging items in the rooms. Worn out flooring will not do much to flatter new walls and such so doing a onceover varnishing or adding a coat of gloss for the floors are recommended along with thorough cleaning of cabinets and appliances.