Gift Ideas For A Ferrari Fanatic

We have all met them; people with a fanatic obsession about something. It can be comics, movies or books. It can be an obsession with a celebrity. It can be an obsession about cars or one car in particular. For those obsessed with a Ferrari, nothing beats getting an actual Ferrari but since those Italian machines are rather expensive, here are some alternative gifts you can give that feature a Ferrari.

A Model Ferrari

There are companies both online and offline that specialize in creating models of currently existing and old cars. You can have a Ferrari custom made for your friend in their favourite colour, make, model etc. Depending on the amount you are willing to pay, the model may even work. You can also hunt up car sales, car enthusiasts and online to see if you can find a Ferrari model that already has a history among collectors as that will be of additional value to someone who values the Ferrari brand.

Tinker with Their Phone

Find a way to swipe your friend’s phone and swap out their existing phone cover for a new Ferrari phone cover – then watch them have a heart attack. There are services that will customize your phone cover to feature something you want, or you could simply buy a new one with the Ferrari logo. Extra points if you can get one from Italia itself, or find a metallic embossed phone cover that will make the logo look authentic.

Find a Real Ferrari Souvenir

Even better than merchandise with their logo on it (say custom phone cases) is actual souvenirs from an event that Ferrari had a presence in. A flag from a Grand prix race; a practice trophy from a race that a Ferrari won; or a banner from the unveiling of a new Ferrari model. Real life souvenirs that have an actual association to the Ferrari brand will make your friend’s day, particularly if he/she cannot attend any such events themselves. Do some research online to figure out how to weed out fakes from the real ones. With a brand that famous, there’s bound to be a lot of faux Ferrari loot out there.

Ferrari Posters and Banners

The cheapest gift you can get your friend is Ferrari posters and triangle banners. These are available online from any fan site or discussion group as well as after official events when most of them find their way online. All you have to do is search for the posters and order them. Look around a bit longer if you’re looking for competitive prices and offer to put them up with your friend when they arrive.